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SP2, Inc. 1990 West Corporate Way Anaheim, Ca 92801 Tel: (714) 490-1500 Fax: (714) 490-1520

SP2, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm serving Governmental Entities and the Development Community throughout California since 1985.

Services provided by the company consist of Land Planning, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Project Management, Development Processing, Environmental Impact Report preparation, Environmental Documentation, Redevelopment Mapping and Entitlement-to-Use Processing. SP2, Inc. has extensive capabilities in Area, Site, Specific and Engineering Planning, Engineering Design, Surveying, Mapping, Governmental Liaison and Developer Negotiations. The Company provides all encompassing services from project inception through project management and construction.

Over the last several years our client base has expanded to include several cities and developers in the northern California area. These services have included public works projects, site studies and feasibility plans, redevelopment projects and various development analysis. The firm has also provided extensive services to governmental agencies in the specific areas of redevelopment project area formation and mapping, public works improvement projects, code and ordinance revisions and preparation, preparation of specific plans and streetscape design.

Advanced design equipment has become an important aspect of a contemporary engineering, design and planning firm. SP2,Inc. utilizes the latest computer assisted design and drafting as well as automated plotters, printers and digitizers to provide our clients with the most sophisticated approaches to project design and solutions.

SP2,Inc. provides individualized service to clients to assure the most cost effective and timely attention to projects. The unique qualifications of the principals and the technical staff dictate attention to detail and coordinated plan preparation. Our background with governmental advocacy and entitlement-to-use provides our clients with the most expeditious processing of plans through the various approving agencies. The dedication and commitment of the principals and staff reflect our goal of quality performance and client service.

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